Utopia Syndrome: Tunnel Level 01

Hey guys!
I am super glad to share with you Utopia Syndrome game update! This time I want to show 10 minutes of gameplay. This is alpha version and some things may be changed but you can already see how the game is moving and progress. I want to say huge thanks to my team and to everyone who involved in this project:
Andrey Protsenko - Lead 3d artist
Alexey Drovyannikov - 3d artist
Maria Kondratiyeva - 3d artist
Anastasia Shiyankova - 2d artist
Jeffrey Chew - 2d artist
Oleg Averkin - programming
Artur Aleksandrov - game script
We used many 3d assets from Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset store, so thanks to many other talented artists for making game developers lives easier! Special thanks to Clinton Crumpler and Dekogon Studios - we are using a lot of your stuff!
If you want to support this game, you can add it to your wishlist at Steam!
Huge thanks and Cheeeeers!

Utopia Syndrome: 10 Minutes of Gameplay Demo