Love, Death & Robots: Sonnie's Edge

Hell Yeeee! Go and watch this!
Just love this first episode!!! It was a great honor and incredible time that I've spent working with my talented friends from Blur on this amazing series of shorts from Netflix! I had the honor to work on two scenes - main fight arena and backyard.

My work on these scenes was real FUN because I had quite enough flexibility to use not just my hands but my creativity and imagination as well. I used ZBrush to sculpt all small details for the fighting arena, mainly for these nice architectural ornaments and damaged walls. As usual, I used a lot of Substance Painter almost for all objects in this scene.

This project gave me a lot more than practice and experience but amazing feelings and super positive emotions as well! Huge thanks to amazing Chris Bedrosian who was supervising this project and to everyone at Blur for giving me another great opportunity to be a part of such a crazy and outstanding episode!