Utopia Syndrome: The Wrong Place Trailer

Hey guys! I am super glad to share with everyone a second trailer for Utopia game called "The Wrong Place". It tells about girl named Mia which is one of the main character in this game. She is trying to remember what's happened in her past, since her childhood was mysterious and weird. She don't remember too much of it, but she remember her scary dreams, one of which you can see in this trailer.

"The Wrong Place" trailer is made on Unity engine and it is a fully playable game level. The goal was to share a game development progress as well as try some new features of Unity. The scene is based on Jeffrey Chew prison concept. Mostly, game uses top-down cameras, placed in different parts of the scenes in order to catch more elements and details from the distance. However, I decided to make few closeup screenshots and post them here. Some assets were taken from Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset Store. Some Megascans textures where also used for this scene.

Utopia: The Wrong Place Trailer