Far Cry 5: Bar Scene

It was really amazing to work on Far Cry 5 trailers! I decided to post renders from Mary May cinematic and show you how they were looking before they got to Blur. The task was in creation of very detailed and photorealistic bar with very warm night lighting. But during the process of creation this scene, I decided to use day lighting in order to easily make bunch of tests and to see how everything - objects, lighting, small details and materials will react on each other and work together. At the end, Blur team made big magic at look development stage and made beautiful night lighting which you can see in final cinematic. All renders are in big resolution, so please check them all! Huge thanks to Blur family which gave me such great opportunity to work on one of the best scene! Hope you will like it too!

Far Cry 5: Official The Resistance: Mary May Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]